Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

The kitchen countertop is a focal point of your kitchen. It needs to have great function just as much as trendy style. Unfortunately, not everyone has the kitchen countertop they dream of, maybe due to age or material.

Countertops are the largest surface you have in your kitchen. Keeping them looking great can sometimes be a challenge. A poor looking countertop can make even the nicest kitchen look out-of-date. The good news is that you don’t need a complete remodel to change the look of your kitchen countertop. See a few kitchen countertop ideas that can fit in any budget.


1. Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

One of the first things you can do to improve your countertop is refinishing. This is a go-to project for many homeowners when they want to update the look of their kitchen countertop. Refinishing is a cheap kitchen countertop idea that you can likely do yourself if you have tile, wood, cultured stone or laminate countertops. The average cost of countertop refinishing varies by material.

  • Laminate countertop refinishing is between $1.67/sf and $4.17 /sf.
  • Epoxy countertop refinishing is  between $2.92/sf and $7.17 /sf.
  • Paint & Sealant refinishing is between $1.17/sf and $2.33 /sf.


2. Repair Kitchen Countertops

In some cases, all you may need to improve your kitchen countertop is a repair. Scratches and water damage can impact your kitchen countertops over time. For tile countertops, grout may need to be touched up and cleaned. A simple repair can restore the look of your kitchen countertops without a complete replacement. The average cost to repair a countertop is $340, with most homeowners spending between $245 and $358.


3. DIY Kitchen Countertop

If you’re looking for a new project, a DIY kitchen countertop might be for you. However, because countertops are such a big feature in the kitchen, a DIY kitchen countertop is not a project for the inexperienced homeowner. Wood countertops are a popular DIY kitchen countertop idea that can add a rustic look to your kitchen.


4. Deep Clean Your Countertops

While you may wipe down your countertops every day as part of your cleaning routine, when was the last time you truly deep cleaned your countertops to restore their original sparkle? Depending on the material of your countertop,