How to Turning It Into Livable Space

Creating extra living space in your home can be the change you need. Depending on what you decide to use a new room for, it can mean less toys in the living room or a place for an unexpected guest to stay. If you’re looking for extra space, consider your attic as an area to remodel.

Depending on its size, converting your attic into livable space can be easier than you may think. However, it’s not as simple as painting and moving furniture in. Here are a few tips on how you can turn your attic into a living space.


Know Your Codes

Before you begin looking at what you need to do to convert your attic into a living space, research your local codes and requirements. Many ordinances require ceilings to be at least seven feet high and seven feet wide in any direction. A room in your attic must also have a staircase. If your attic does not have the minimum space or access requirements, that can be a major safety concern. You will need include these requirements in your remodel.


Attic Insulation Costs

To make your attic livable, you’ll need to have temperature control. While some newly-built homes have insulated attics, many older homes do not. Attic insulation is key for keeping your new room comfortable and saving money on your energy bills. The average cost of attic insulation is $1,900


Attic Fan Installation

Just because your attic is insulated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider an attic fan to remove humidity and help keep the temperature comfortable. Attic fans can be helpful in keeping the room and the upper floor of your home cool. The average cost to install an attic fan is $521, with most homeowners pending between $393 and $544.