Design Around Bad Carpet

Carpet, while soft and cushioned on top, can sometimes wear both on your feet and eyes. When it comes to the touch, there is little you can do to bring it back to its original life. With sight, there is plenty you can do to draw attention away from the carpet that was so vogue 10 years ago.

Despite relatively cheap carpet cleaning prices, many homeowners are finding new ways to design around the carpet they can’t stand. While some ideas below are costly, all of them take the focus away from your dated carpet to a more pleasant design in the room.


1. Remove It

The first option you must consider is removing the carpet altogether. Looking at current flooring trends, more and more homeowners are choosing hardwood over carpet and tile. As opposed to carpet, hardwood is easy to clean and offers a wide array of options. Then again, it doesn’t offer that homey feel we all seek in our bedrooms. For a full comparison, please see Carpet & Hardwood Flooring: How They Compare.


2. Cover It Up

Going the less drastic route, you could always just cover the carpet with a large area rug. It’s not only the fastest and easiest way to cover a dated carpet, but also the cheapest. Additionally, if your carpet has grown thin over the years, a new rug offers extra cushion as well. Your feet will certainly thank you later.

If you really want to go bold or have to cover a large carpeted area, you can always stich together a few different rugs and lay over your old carpet. It’s not the cleanest of looks, but it will surely take attention away from that carpet you demise.


3. Use Your Furniture

Depending on the location of your ugly carpet, you could always use your furniture to cover it up. Smart designers know how to use every inch of the room. They, and well-read homeowners, know how to cover as much carpet as possible.

In the bedroom, add a small dresser, a bookshelf or an extra nightstand to cover up that dated carpet. In the living room, add that side table you always wanted. For a dining room, add a leaf to your table and extend it out.

Finally, if the room has a focal point, such as a gorgeous fireplace, a big screen TV or a fabulous dining room table, create a seating area that makes that feature the focal point of the room. All eyes will be on the feature as opposed to your dated carpet.


4. Change Your Wall Color

No matter how unpleasant your carpet may be, the dominant color in most rooms comes from the walls. As such, if you are ready for a bigger change, consider painting the room.

Fortunately, a coat of paint on the interior can help any space look newer, brighter and even a little more spacious. Even better, new paint always takes the attention away from any unsightly views in the room.

Tip: If you do decide to paint the walls, be sure to cover every inch of that carpet. Once paint hits that carpet, it is very hard to remove.